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I’m engaged! (enter scream here)

The joy of choosing your wedding dress will be one of your most memorable moments. Getting engaged is so exciting and starts a whirlwind of Instagram and Pinterest research for most brides to be. But when is the best time to start looking for THE DRESS!

Understanding what kind of wedding you want is probably an important element to establish before you start dreaming about your dress selection. Whether you are thinking a wedding abroad, or keeping it local, it is important that this is decided upon before starting the dress search.

You have a date!

Your venues are booked and you have you wedding date!

From about 18 months prior to your date, we recommend that you start doing your dress research. You could start looking at styles online to get an idea of what you feel drawn towards. Depending on the type of wedding you are trying to achieve, you might feel drawn towards the boho vibes, maybe the simple sleek looks. Doing this research will give you a few ideas of bridal trends and labels you like. It is also a good time to jump on to your local bridal shop websites to view their bridal collections and grasp an understanding of the amazing gowns that your bridal businesses have on your doorstep to try.

Bridal magazines are still on the go and can be cute to have and take a flick through for dress ideas and other wedding inspo, however we know all the same information is available online at no cost to you! Maybe buy one or two for the fun of it!

Avoid the dreaded dress fatigue!

It’s less than a year to go and now it’s time to book your appointments with your wedding dress specialists. Most bridal shops would encourage brides to wait till 12 months before to start the appointment process. At The Wild Rose we recommend visiting us 12 months before the wedding, and we do not take brides that are over 18 months from their wedding date. This is to save the brides some dress fatigue! Dress fatigue, a TWR term, is when a bride feels little to no energy when they think about the wedding dress they purchased.

Don’t start your fittings with bridal shops too early

Bridal Designers release their collection to stores either once or twice a year. At The Wild Rose we have collections dropping twice a year, usually in the January and July of each year. Style trends change gradually from collection to collection, and if Brides purchase their dress early there is a significant chance that they will fall in love with new styles that arrive in instore as the days get closer to their date…. Dress fatigue may start to creep in when they think of their own! We have all been there, when we go off something because we looked at for too long! From our experience Brides that purchase under the 12 months stay totally excited about their dress and dress fatigue doesn’t get a look in! A minimum of 7 months is ideal, however if you don’t have time on your side and need quicker delivery then rush orders are common with most designers at a small additional cost.

Keep your entourage small and carefully selected

The more people you bring when wedding dress shopping, the more confusing it all becomes and extremely overwhelming for the brides. We recommend up to 3 carefully selected people. It’s best to bring along those people you have in your life that are really good at listening, are focused on you and are motivated by what your trying to achieve for your day. If you are concerned that your entourage is not fitting this, but you need them there, then maybe communicating with them prior on how you see the shopping experience going so they know where you are at. After all, it is supposed to be about you remember!

We want our brides to feel super excited about their dress, and if they made the own decision is a relaxed and supportive environment, then this is the perfect way to ensure you don’t suffer dress fatigue and every time you think of your dress you will be super excited to wear it.

2 or 3 shops should do it!

Rule of thumb when shopping for the wedding dress- don’t over do it! The more shops a bride goes to, the more confused she gets and the more her entourage are disengaged. From our experience the happiest brides are the girls that keep the dress shopping experience fun and stay focused on what is working for them. If you have done your online research and visited the shops that have the dresses you really want to try, then visiting two or three shops should be all you need to find YOUR dress!

How will you know it your dress?- Here’s our checklist!

  • You love what you see when your stand there in the mirror

  • You love it because YOU love it, not someone else

  • Does the style align nicely with your wedding theme?

  • You are comfortable in it, you will be able it walk, sit and of course dance when wearing it It is in your budget

Never feel that you have to say ‘yes to the dress’ whilst at the appointment. I am forever hearing of bride experiences where they felt pressured into the purchase on the day of the appointment. Our brides never feel this way at The Wild Rose. We want our brides to feel totally confident in their purchase and if needed we encourage Brides to take a few days to make that decision. But saying that some girls just know then and there and the first dress at the first shop is the one!

Stores are so happy to see your face again, so if there was a dress you loved in the first shop, don’t dismiss it, go back and try it again. Don’t rush the decision.

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